Thursday, 5 August 2010

In Support of Broadland District Council's Business Training & Support

Hiya Folks.

Just a quick update today - below is a copy of an email I was inspired to send to HM Treasury in support of the wonderful services provided by Broadland District Council for start-up and established small businesses.
Following the advice of Kate Elliott of Active Marketing & Design I've also sent a copy to the local newspaper (The Eastern Daily Press).
Considering I knocked this up in about 20 minutes it doesn't look too shabby!

Dear Sirs,

I understand that you were recently contacted by a small business colleague of mine, Sally Porter, who wrote in support of the Broadland District Council business support team.

I whole heartedly endorse the very positive comments made by Sally regarding the excellent service and superb training courses supplied by BCTS. During the recent economic recession I was made redundant after 20 years employment with a large multinational company based in Norwich - with my prospects of finding alternative employment being poor I decided to set up my own small business but like so many people had no real idea of who to go to for help & advice.

Consequently, I enrolled on the Free 3 day 'Basics for business' course led by the superb Kate Wilde. This was a fantastic and informative workshop which more than provided me with the necessary basic information and encouragement to make a success of my new business.
Such was the positive impression that this course left on me that I have subsequently attended 3 more business courses at Broadland District Council: 'Marketing for small businesses' (with the brilliant Kate Elliott), 'Finance for small businesses' and 'Writing a dynamic press release' (with the equally brilliant Maria Veronese).
All have proven a remarkable benefit in helping to get my new business off the ground in what can only be described as the current challenging economic conditions.

If the continued recovery of the UK economy is so dependent on private enterprise, and small businesses in particular, then it is my honest belief that teams and services like this one at Broadland District Council must not be subject to cuts.
In fact I would strongly urge you to vigorously support and expand this vital service to small businesses and enterprise within Norfolk.

My heartfelt thanks to all at Broadland District Council Business Support team who are doing an excellent job.

Yours sincerely
Nigel Woollsey - Freelance Copywriter