Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cardinal's Corner goes all corporate

Well, it's been a really exciting couple of months - despite succeeding beyond my wildest dreams & being published in several UK magazines it's been very apparent that I need to approach this whole Freelance writing business in a bit more of a 'business-like manner' - after much thought and some advice from some very wise friends I'm currently expanding into *drum roll & fanfare*: Copywriting!

I can hear the deafening silence from here...OK, for a start Copywriting has nothing to do with Copyright - it's basically all about writing for businesses: from the sole trader through to the small company all the way up to huge multinationals. So what do copywriters...well...write? Good question:

Copywriters supply a range of services to companies - either direct or through marketing agencies. Amongst other things copywriters supply the words and persuasive writing for advertisements, informercials, commercials, brochures and sales letters - It's quite startling to think that every single piece of advertising mail that drops through your letterbox has been penned by a copywriter somewhere.
In addition to this Copywriters also write Press releases, content for websites, job advertisements, TV & radio advertisement scripts, newsletters, corporate magazines, etc. etc. etc - In fact virtually anything written that a company will put it's name to!

You would not believe how much time and effort setting up a new business takes - OK, maybe you would if you've done it yourself! And that's not to mention the actual work itself - I think I've worked harder and longer than I EVER did in the 20 years I worked for a company myself - but it's been really fantastic! Fun, enjoyable, facinating, exciting and totally satisfying :-) And the networking! Oh, the networking with other people in business has been great - so interesting to hear about what other people are passionate about - because to succeed in business you absolutely need to be passionate about that idea if you want to turn your dream into reality! I've met some brilliant and very inspirational people.

So, it's out with the old and in with the new! Hence the change of style for the old Cardinal's Corner! The colour scheme is temporary for the moment whilst my excellent friend (and exceedingly talented friend Sam) sorts out my new branding and website. Ms. Douglass is an inspiration and an exceedingly good Graphic Designer - if you're in need of one you can't go wrong to visit her business website:

Anyhoo (a lovely expression I've picked up from a few stateside pals) sorry if this has been less of the inspired wackiness and insane ramblings you're used to - no doubt the "tenuous grip on reality stuff" will return in time but for the moment I wanted to kick off with a proper update.

Keep tuned for more regular (and shorter!) blogs in the future - and links to my *NEW* website! Please also visit my business page on Facebook for my sample portfolio (and occasional insanity):!/pages/Norwich-United-Kingdom-NR13/Nigel-Woollsey-Freelance-Writer-Copywriter/111120825598170?v=wall

Now, I must be off as I have a few jobs to do before I can relax and enjoy the beautiful day outside - Even that's amazing: Me, working on a Sunday! I never knew a career could be so much fun :-)