Monday, 22 February 2010

Hello - I must be going

Howdy folks - yes, I know what you're thinking: 2 posts in the same month ?? Business must be slack, but no - I've just been inspired to update my blog after posting my new 'official' profile picture (I wouldn't go so far as to say publicity picture as that implies that people actually know who the Hell I am - which, to be frank, is unlikely at this stage of my new career!).
I am indebted to my fab brother-in-law, Martin, for his professional camera skills. Although I must confess to being slightly disappointed that he couldn't photoshop my image to look rather more like Daniel Craig and rather less like Christopher Biggins... (for my stateside friends put Christopher Biggins into Google and laugh uncontrollably at the images)- still, you can't make a silk purse out a pig's ear, as they say :-)

On the writing front it's been a mixed month so far - I've had another article accepted by Paranormal magazine, so that's er...3 now in total they've accepted with a further (counts on fingers) 3 that I'm waiting to hear back from them about - let me tell you that NOTHING moves quickly in the publishing industry!!
I also received a nice cheque for £25 at the weekend from Bauer publishing - it took me about 2 hours to actually remember what it was for - a letter that I didn't even know they'd printed in Spirit & Destiny magazine so nothing huge but it was a nice surprise on a Saturday morning! :-)

I'm currently working on another couple of related SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) features but had terrible writer's block all last week - hoping this week will prove better (and if the truth be told I'm using this as a little 'warming' up exercise !)

By the way - a couple of people have told me that they couldn't get hold of Paranormal magazine at their newsagents? Sorry to hear that but this month's article was only small (but perfectly formed - ha ha)- the one in the upcoming issue is much larger and much more worth the price of the magazine! It's certainly stocked in larger newsagents and places like W H Smith or Jarrolds in Norwich - should anyone actually wish to see my insane ramblings... ;-)

Right - must get back to the grindstone - Supermarkets and utility companies do unfortunately seem to insist on something called money in exchange for their goods and services... A strange system if you ask me. They showed no interest at all when I offerred them a dead badger to trade last month - it's a hard world! Best wishes to all

Monday, 1 February 2010

New year, new day, new blog

Morning folks - Yes, it's another update from the world's most tardy blogger. It's a strange thing, y'know, blogging - put a blank word doc in front of me and a vague idea for an article and I'll be flying in seconds; words pouring out of me and onto the screen in seconds but blogging? I seem to get this mental block - or maybe it's just that I don;t get out into the 'real' world much these days! Unlike you folks with proper jobs I only have a wife, an insane toddler and a theosaurus to talk to during the working day.. it's hard to get inspired under such circumstances.

Anyhoo - my writing continues apace: had a small piece printed in this month's issue of Paranormal Magazine (Issue 45 with a big dead alien on the cover) but the larger articles (which confusingly they accepted first) will be start appearing next month. That's the impressive one - all about the Fermi paradox (No - I'm not going to tell you what it is just so you'll have to buy the magazine and read it for yourselves :-)) Currently, waiting to hear back from them about 2 other articles and further one just went off to Psychologies magazine - it would be a real victory to get published in Psychologies so fingers are firmly crossed for that one! My tutor loved the piece when he saw it so hopefully the features editor will be impressed.

Oh, and I hada birthday in January too - I'm now a venerable 38 years old - actually feels quite weird to think that I'll be 40 in another couple of years - but I still feel very young at heart (if still pretending to be a Jedi knight whilst swinging your replica lightsaber around in the artic can be considered being young at heart).

Well, I must start going through the weekend papers looking for interesting ideas for articles, etc. Frankly that's not a bad way to start a Monday morning - leafing through the broadsheets and sipping coffee! That is a distinct advantage over my old office job!